We want your tan to be flawless and last as long as possible.

The below outlines everything you need to know for your sunless session.

Ask our Tanning Consultants about the products we offer to maximize your tan. 

Before Your Appointment

  • All other appointments should be done at least one day before your tanning session. This includes Mani/Pedi, Hair, Waxing, Botox, Facials, Eyelash Extensions, Massage, etc. 

  • Shave/Exfoliate 24 hours before your session. Doing this too close to your session can affect your results. 

  • If you condition your hair thoroughly rinse your back to remove any residue from the conditioner as it creates a barrier. 

  • After your shower apply a hydrating moisturizer. Remember to wash this off before your session. 

  • Avoid applying moisturizer, lotion, deodorant, make up on the day of your appointment these will act as an inhibitor to the tan and may negatively affect your results. 

  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated for BEST RESULTS

  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing, and sandals to your appointment. 


After Your Appointment

  • No Skin to Skin Contact

  • Do NOT get wet

  • No Exercising until you have showered

  • Wait to shower the following are the recommended times for each type of spray solution

    •  1-4 hours - Rapid Solution

    • 6-12 hours -Versa Spa Spray Booth

    • 18-24 hours - All other solutions

    • Do a warn water only rinse - No Soap

    • You will see some color wash away this is normal and is only the cosmetic bronzer

  • After your first shower make sure to moisturize daily, and stay hydrated for best results

  • The life of your tan depends on how you take care of it

Maintaining Your Tan


  • Band Aids, Pore Strips, Waxing 

  • Anti Aging or Anti Acne products. These turn your skin over faster therefore fading your tan quicker

  • Bar Soaps (especially drug store brands) unless naturally oil based like shea butter, goats milk, olive oil, and coconut oil

  • Body washes such as Dove, Oily of Olay, and Nieva, etc

  • Hair removal creams and shaving with a dull razor

  • Baby oil and Mineral Oil products

  • Products with sulfates, and parabeans

  • SPF oils and sprays, stick to SPF lotions that do not contain mineral oil. 

  • Manicures, pedicures, waxing and facials

  • If shaving use a new razor, and no shaving cream

  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, jacuzzi, saunas, and hot baths


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